Monday 27 January 2020

Jmeter Basics - Thread group, Assertions, Controllers and More

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Test Plan - It is the root for any jmeter script.

Thread Groups - Thread group is first element that is added to a test plan.It is used for creating number of threads/virtual users. 

Samplers - Samplers are added to thread group to send different type of requests to server. There are various types of samples let us look into most commonly used sampler that is HTTP Request. In the below screenshot you can see how we can configure the sampler we can specify the server , protocal , port and method along with body in case we want to push some data to sever.

Timers - Timers are used to impose intentional delay in our tests so that we can write more realistic.test scenarios. Screenshot given below shows different type of times. Once the timer is added it ads the delay before the sampler execution.


Assertions - As name suggest we want to be assured of something. When we send request to server we want to make sure we got expected results in form of response. In this case we can use jmeter assertions as shown in below diagram.

Pre-post processors - Pre processors are used to specify actions before execution of sampler and post processor are used to specify actions after .Pre processors can be used for data generation or adding some timeout values and post processors can be used to extract specific value after sampler execution.

 Listerns - These are jmeter components used to display test results. Listeners collect data from test samplers as well as analyze data from the response. There are various types of listeners as shown below, but all the listeners captures same data , but the way of presentation is different.


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