Tuesday 3 January 2017

Appium Setup with Eclipse

Setting up appium with eclipse for windows is very simple and this post further simplifies it. While Reading the post follow the instructions step by step and you will be ready with your setup.

Video Tutorial -

1. Install Java Development Kit (JDK)-

The Java Software Development Kit (Java SDK or JDK) is an application created by Sun Microsystems to create and modify Java programs.To install that  go to THIS LINK. Download the latest version of java and install it.

2. Setup Java Environmental Variable Path  -

Go to to Start Menu and searach for 'Environmental variable' and click on it. Then Click on Environmental variable and add New System Variable with variable name as JAVA_HOME and classpath as your jdk path

3. Install Eclipse

Download Eclipse from This LINK .
Click on .exe file.

Eclipse Installation
Eclipse Installer

Select Eclipse IDE for Java Developers option.

Eclipse Installation

Then Accept the Terms and Conditions

Eclipse Installation

Eclipse will be installed

4. Download and Install Appium sever

Download Appium Server from this Link
Click on .exe file.

Appium Server Installation

Select Desktop Icon creation checkbox

Install Appium Sever

Click on Install
Install Appium

Give the Path

Appium Setup

Launch and check the Appium Sever
Appium Setup

5. Download Selenium Client Jars

Download the selenium jars from HERE and unzip the folder. Remember to download selenium client for Java.

6. Download Appium Java Client

Download the selenium jars from HERE and unzip the folder.Remember to download appium client for Java.

 7. Appium Setup in Eclipse

Create new project

Right click on the project click on Build Varient -> Add External Archieves -> Add all jars of selenium client folder and Java Client folder

Appium with Eclipse

Click on Add Libraries -> Junit and add Junit Library.
Appium Setup with Eclipse Project

I Hope your are done with your Setup now. Sit back relax and start exploring appium tutorial for writing test cases.Please share your feedback in the comment section below and follow me on social media for latest post updated.


  1. can you mention the jar files to add in build path or screen shots of jar files

    1. Hi , you need to add all the jar files which is mentioned in the post with download link.


  2. Hi, iam getting error: cannot find module 'sprintf-js' when starting appuim node server..can you help me this...

  3. In eclipse, you said create project. Did you mean any specific type of project like for example Maven project or Java type project?

    And one mistake there: "Download Appium Server from this Link" --> But there is no link there. Can you update your post?

    Any way, Good writing.

    1. Hi,

      This for creating Java project and I have updated link to download appium server. Thanks for informing


  4. Can you provide some good Appium tutorial links according to your experience?

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  6. Hi Anuja,

    Why don't we need to download node.js in this setup? I saw some sites suggest to download node.js first.


  7. Hi Anuja,

    Thanks for your sharing your knowledge.

    Can we create Maven project with testNG?