Thursday, 23 April 2020

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

HTTP Request Sampler

HTTP request sampler is most commonly used to send various type of request to server. You can add this request under Thread Group. Now let us see how we can configure the request.

1. Server Name or IP - First thing we need to specify here is the website url to which we want to send the request.
2. Method - We need to specify the method fo request such as GET,POST,DELETE etc
3. Protocol is http/https and port number if applicable. We need to also specify exact url path.
4. If it is required to send payload along with request then there are 3 options to do so such as Parameters, json body data and fole upload.
5.We can also specify how we want to deal with redirects.

In case of advance config we can configure elements given below -

1. Implementation - HTTPClient4 /Java / as per HHT Request Default.
2. Timeout - Wait for connection or response time outs.
3.If we want to store embedded resources we can check "Retrieve All Embedded Resources".
4. If we want to connect to proxy server for sending the request then we can configure that in Advanced section.