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  1. Hi, Could you please post any Selenium Framework on your blog.Its always difficult to prepare for interview when they ask numerous framework question

  2. Hi Anuja,
    Is there any way to verify toast messages generated by system, without using the OCR?

    Does we can try out android logcat log get the toast message text?

    1. i m Stuck at the same stage, did you found any relevant solution ? ? @anuja can you please help in this case ?

  3. Can you suggest some solution to this problem

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  5. Can you please post on how to automate export to excel functionality using selenium and java?

  6. How to add testng jar files in android Studio. send me the Testing Jar Files for android Studio. without the BETA version , Due to this I cant able to run the Hole Test.

  7. HI I am prashant. Thanks for the amazing tutorials. We have Login with Gmail option so can you tell me how would i be able to automate the login with Android espresso

  8. Hi Anuja,
    Could you please post a tutorial for running espresso tests with phone number authentication? That is, the app logs in, receives codes via SMS, read code, enter code into the app and then proceed?
    Thanks a bunch!

  9. Hola anujabhatt vi tu bloc y me parecio muy iteresando,yo empece recién a hacer pruebas utomatizadas en móviles utilizando KATALON.En estos momentos tengo problemas para capturar mensajes toast .Vi tu artículo sobre el tema pero trate de hacer la prueba como haces en ecipse en katalon y no me funciona talves has realizado la prueba en KATALON que puedas ayudarme.