Saturday 15 October 2016

Introduction to Selenium


What is Selenium?

Selenium is free open source automation testing tool for web bases applications. Selenium is very similar to QTP (Quality Test Pro) tool provided by HP but it only focuses on Web based application. Selenium comes with various handy automation testing tools like Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Web Driver and Selenium Grid. In this post I am going to explain briefly about all those tools so that you can select a more suitable tool for you automated testing. As per latest release Selenium RC and Selenium are merged in single Suit called Selenium 2.

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Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the simplest framework which is provided as add-on for firefix browser. which is used for record and play test case. So this has very limited features and if you want to write advance test cases then you must use more advance selenium frameworks like Selenium RC or Selenium Web Driver.

Pros -
1. Very Easy to use.
2. No programming language is required except HTML basics.
3. Recorded Test Cases can be used to Export and reuse in Selenium RC or Web Driver.
4. Has help and reporting functionalities Built-in.

1. Only available for Firefox Browser
2.We can only create prototypes of tests.
3. Cannot add iterations and conditions operator.
4. Test Execution Requires more time.


Selenium RC

Selenium Remote Control was  the first Testing framework to allow users to use a programming language they prefer. Selenium RC supports Java, C#,PHP,Python ,perl, Ruby.

1. Supports Cross browser and cross platform testing.
2. We can add iteration and condition operators in our test code.
3. It also supports faster execution as compared to Selenium IDE.
4. Comes with List handy APIs to perform advance testing.
5. We can perform data-driven testing using Selenium RC.

1. One must have a programming knowledge to use Selenium RC.
2. For Test Execution running instance of Selenium RC server is required.
3.Slower test execution time as compared to Selenium Web Driver.
4. Selenium RC uses Java scripts causing inconsistent.


Selenium Web Driver

Selenium web driver is much more powerful testing framework as compared to Selenium IDE and RC. It supports all the languages supported by Selenium RC but it does not use Javascript and hence makes the test case more consistent.

1. Test Cases written using Selenium Web Driver Directly communicates with Browser without any server in-between.
2. Faster in Execution.

Cons -
1. This does not support new browsers readily


Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid tool is used to run the test cases in parallel with different browsers at the same time. It makes use of Hub and  node concepts and saves time efficiently for tests case execution.

I hope this help you to understand basics of selenium and test suits provided by selenium. If you find it useful then share with your friends.Share your questions and feedback in the comment section given below.


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