Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to Configure Junit with Android Studio

We have seen how to Install and create a project in Android Studio. Before starting automation testing we need to configure Junit Testing framework with Android Studio. Junit Testing Framework helps us define flow of execution. Let us learn more about Junit.

What is Junit?

Junit is widely used testing framework along with Java Programming Language. You can use this automation framework for both unit testing and UI testing.It helps us define the flow of execution of our code with different Annotations. Junit is built on idea of "first testing and then coding" which helps us to increase productivity of test cases and stability of the code.

Important Features of Junit Testing - 

1. It is open source testing framework allowing users to write and run test cases effectively.
2. Provides various types of annotations to identify test methods.
3. Provides different Types of Assertions  to verify the results of test case execution.
4. It also gives test runners for running tests effectively.
5. It is very simple and hence saves time.
6. It provides ways to organize your test cases in form of test suits.
7. It gives test case results in simple and elegant way.
8. You can integrate Jnuit with Eclipse ,Android Studio,Maven & Ant

Junit With Android Studio

1. Create a new Android Studio Project or Open your existing project.
2. Go to App -> Build.gradle.

3. In the file add the line of code as shown in below screenshot.

4. click on sync.

5. Once you get Buid Successful Message then your Junit Setup is ready for use.


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